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October 2008



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Oct. 22nd, 2008


Why hello there beautiful people :)

So as you may or may not recall, I'm Greta (you know that super cool chick from The Hush Sound ? ). Yah, I've pretty much just catching up on my summer reading list. It's Autumn now and I'm about 75% done with it! Touring can take a lot away from my Hemingway :( But anyway, I've come back to Earth now. If you wanna know what is a good book, just drop me a line! Uhm yah, well..not much else to note. I'm around on AIM a lot! Will be heading back to Chicago very soon! So excited! Yay.

Before this turns into a novel, I'll be quiet. But I look forward to catching up with everyone!



Oct. 21st, 2008



look @ me, it's me ian crawford. :] thought i'd say hello to all of you out there. so  uh.... hello. XD

Sep. 16th, 2008

big grin


(no subject)

Hola Loves! 

I guess I just wanted to say hello. It's Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, or just Wentz whatever you want to call me and I'm the lovely wife of Pete. Though I'm sure everyone knows that since he talks about me and the baby on the way all the time. Yes you little teenies lurking it's true and not a publicity stunt. I know you all want to kill me I'm sure because you dream of having my husband and it's just not going to happen. Anyways... If you ever want to hit me up my sn is youmakeashlala. I'm around most of the time since I'm not on the road unless I'm with Pete. LOVE YOU PANDA!

Sep. 5th, 2008


(no subject)

Hey folks, hows it goin? the name is Del Marquis, im the guitatist for the band Scissor Sisters. Im pretty much a native New Yorker, born and bred, but im a big fan of the Chicago scene. Im really into high waisted pants, NIN and Tool, antique guitars, british music festivals, top hats, and Jared Gold

Aug. 5th, 2008



Hey there everybody who has randomly happened upon this entry. I'm Shane Valez and I take pictures of the one fail band, minus maybe Spencer. I almost just began ranting about them, but this is about me so too bad. Everything should be about me cause I'm just that cool. Oh yeah. I don't know. Shit, I forgot everything. Too bad. Well yes.

I really talk too much, huh?! Lmao.

Jul. 31st, 2008


Oh, oh, intro

Peter Wentz: 29: Crazy as fuck: Moderator: Soon to be Papa Wentz: Still a nerd: Makes Harmless jokes: Calls just about anyone a fucking loser: favorite word is fuck: happy to be around the friends he has: Not very entertaining when in a bad mood.